With Secuxes,
You and Your Family
Are Fully Protected

Whether you are at home or on the road, it’s never been easier to keep your family and home safe and secure. Secuxes is ready to cooperate works with you to design a system that will meet your individual needs and budget. We provide everything you need-from a basic burglar and fire alarm to sophisticated “all-in-one” system.

Secuxes Can Help You
Help Yourself

Our systems can actually check for open windows and doors, report flooding, control and monitor almost any device or appliance.

Your Safety is
Our Work

We provide photo ID security badge systems, software, and supplies to government, corporate, education, hospital, and sporting event customers. With our systems your events become safe for everybody who attends them. Choose high-tech solutions as human life and health are priceless.


We partner with our clients to deliver high-level security service every day. Our quality-based, results-oriented approach is what makes us one of the top private security companies. What lies at the core of our success? We guess it is a blend of quality employee engagement programs, an industry-leading learning and development philosophy.

Installation of Award-winning
24-hr Alarm Monitoring!

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Work Team

Natalie Barnes

Security Guard

She is a person who protects property, assets, and people.

David Austin

Chief Security Officer

He is a corporation's top executive who is responsible for security of personnel, physical assets and information in both physical and digital form.

Eva Adamson

Probation Officer

She plays an important in the criminal justice systems by supervising offenders released from incarceration or sentenced to non-custodial sanctions such as community service.

Thomas Bishop

Public Safety Officer

He passed over 60 hours of annual professional development and specialized training.