You don't want to imagine that everything you've worked for will be a target of crime or fire, but statistics show that it's happening almost everywhere - from the smallest stores to the largest retail chains. With commercial security, your business property will be safe from it.

Right Features for
the Situation

The security needs of a business differ greatly depending on several different factors, including location, the type of business, and its size. Where the business is located plays a big part in determining what features are the best for it. A business in a small town may require fewer security features than one on a busy city street.

Extra Security

For some businesses, the most advanced security features they require are the door chimes and stickers warning of security monitoring. Some businesses and offices just do not keep enough merchandise or equipment on-site to make it beneficial to go to extreme levels of security.

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Services Overview

  • Single

    We support the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) for single sign-on (SSO) for your Business users.

  • User

    We provide you a real-time view of current active and invited Business users.

  • Notebook

    Our business administrators have the ability to manage all aspects of a business notebook.

  • Primary Login
    & Password

    Allow your employees to use their primary login and password for our service.