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If you have been charged with a crime then you could face serious penalties for conviction depending on the circumstances of your charge and the specific crime for which you are charged. Some penalties may include jail time, hefty fines, probation and others; license suspension and mandatory ignition interlock device installation are common penalties for DUI.


In the modern business world, disputes frequently arise that cannot be resolved without resort to a court of law or an arbitration. The objective of our litigation group is to assist clients in resolving their disputes successfully. Whenever possible we help clients to avoid litigation through negotiation and other forms of "alternative dispute resolution.


We use sound legal techniques, including wills, trusts, partnerships, and other legal entities to keep our clients' assets safe and their fundamental beliefs and legacies intact. We believe that when a crisis hits, you and your family should be in control of your assets with the least amount of court intervention and with the least amount of income and estate tax.


Law firm is one of the premier employment law firms conveniently located across from Farragut West metro station in Washington, D.C. The firm’s attorneys have a collective 70 plus years of experience, and serve individuals who have been victims of illegal discrimination, harassment, or retaliation by employers.

Founded in 1956, our agency has over
200 lawyers

Proudly serving individuals, families, and businesses throughout the area, we have a simple goal in mind: paying attention to the client and not just the law; creating and arguing law in favour of the client not the other way around. We believe in compassion above all else.We are passionate about taking clients through their challenging legal journeys with effective and valuable legal protection.

John Richardson (Attorney)