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Practice areas

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Law Agency has a strong reputation and background in counseling clients to understand and comply with state and federal antitrust laws, with the intent of minimizing client exposure to the costs and penalties associated with civil and criminal antitrust violations. We have successfully represented plaintiffs, defendants and other clients in litigation, and other aspects of trade regulation including AAA and State Attorney.

Trade Regulation Law and Litigation

Lawyers at Law Agency handle appeals at all levels of state and federal practice. Appellate lawyers at the Firm have considerable experience with the special rules and considerations that apply when an appeal is filed. Many of them have served as clerks to federal and state appellate judges.

Construction Law

Our construction law practice group has broad knowledge and experience in almost every area of construction law. The Firm's construction attorneys are ready to provide quality and innovative advice, assistance and representation to clients through all phases of construction from initial planning and development to contract formation and performance to all types of dispute resolution processes.


The Firm has a well developed and experienced franchise practice group. This includes a transactional and compliance component, as well as a litigation and dispute resolution component. The practice group places particular emphasis on franchisor representation. It provides initial consultation on the advisability of franchising and other alternatives, assists in preparing initial franchise and disclosure documents.

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A Group Legal Services Plan is an important part of the State's benefits package because it can help employees get sound advice and representation to quickly resolve their legal problems. Chances are, at one time or another, you may need an attorney. However, legal problems can be very confusing and costly. When they come unexpectedly, they can present a huge financial burden, not to mention the time you spend searching for just the right lawyer. Good attorneys can cost $353 or more per hour.

Financial law

Criminal law


Accident law

Family Law

Legal problems arising out of family disputes can be confusing and fraught with emotional issues. They are also difficult to manage without a perceptive lawyer who employs tactful yet vigorous representation.

The attorneys are personable, caring, and attentive. Their goal is to work with clients to understand the unique problems each situation brings. The family law group works tirelessly to understand and address the client’s situation, goals, and needs.

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Corporate Law

Law agency assists clients with the formation of business entities (see “Business Law”) and advises small corporations and limited liability companies on issues involving corporate governance, business transactions, and corporate maintenance.

The firm’s corporate practice includes helping clients with the preparation of annual reports and the minutes for annual meetings. Our attorneys have the expertise to represent and advise shareholders on matters such as the preparation of shareholder agreements, the purchase and sale of stock, mergers and acquisitions, disputes among shareholders, and the winding down and dissolution of a corporation.

Trusts and Estates

Law agency works with both fiduciaries and beneficiaries, whether with estates which are being probated under wills or with trusts which are being settled pursuant to a Will or trust instrument. Our focus and mission in advising a fiduciary is to provide education and advice with respect to the fiduciary’s legal responsibilities, duties, and obligations.

The estates and trusts that we handle vary in complexity, and we have the expertise to resolve a wide variety of estate matters, including where related to tax issues, family disputes, or unique assets.